Christmas TV Episodes! – That Thing You Like #40


The Christmas Season is upon us! THAT THING YOU LIKE is here to provide a unique holiday service – a run down of our most FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS TV EPISODES! I mean, anyone can talk about Christmas movies. Christmas TV? Why, that’s a whole different ballgame! We talk about classic Simpsons episodes, how Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother raised the bar, and how Happy Endings shattered the entire concept of bars, leaving us with nothing else to talk about. Plus, Clone High and Adventure Time talk!

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It’s the first of two Christmas episodes this week.  Come back tomorrow!


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That Thing You Like #25 – Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Netflix has found its first truly great show, and it’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. It’s progressive, funny, and poignant, and THAT THING YOU LIKE couldn’t resist chiming in with our own opinions! We spend the majority of the pod talking about the show’s truly amazing, diverse ensemble, which of course gives us a chance to bring back our beloved POWER RANKINGS. Don’t ‘edge’ – treat yourself to the full pleasures of this podcast experience!

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Okay, so, everyone loves Nicky. She’s the best. But the show really does have an amazing cast of people from all kinds of backgrounds. The show’s been getting a lot of deserved praise for its portrayal of well-rounded characters, addressing binary gender issues, and being pretty damn funny while doing it. It’s a hell of a watch, and we were only too happy to spend an hour talking about what stood out in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’s veritable ocean of awesome.

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TTYL #4 – Scrubs (and Kickstarter)

That Thing You Like #4 - Scrubs

It’s funny, heartfelt, and can bring grown podcast hosts to tears. What more could you ask from a network sitcom? That Thing You Like turns its attention to Scrubs, a show we humbly consider an all-time classic. Plus, we’re joined by a special BONUS GUEST: Andy Shirlaw, co-host of The 4 Eyed Forecast.

We know, we know. Zach Braff made Garden State and the internet has never forgiven him for the sin. How dare he! After breaking down what makes Scrubs so memorable, we talk about why Garden State is a little bit terrible, and debate the sound and fury surrounding Braff and Kickstarter.

It’s our first of two episodes this week – we’ll be back on Saturday to talk the all the news and go-karting of Strip Search day six.

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