WWE WRESTLEMANIA: It’s a Brock Lesnar Love Fest – That Thing You Like #105


WWE Wrestlemania! The grandaddy of them all! It happened again! And we once again rallied cartooning HEEL Tavis Maiden to join us to recap the high-highs and disappointing-lows of this year’s event. We talk the year that led to WM31, Daniel Bryan’s injury, and the rise of Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns.

Plus, we recap all the matches, ask why Bray Wyatt can’t win a match, and celebrate everything beautiful about Brock Lesnar. Bonus: NXT talk!

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WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 + Tavis Maiden = SMACK-POD! – That Thing You Like #56


Every conversation That Thing You Like has had with webcomic luminary TAVIS MAIDEN has invariably turned to one thing: The squared circle. The sweet science. The totally respectable, legitimate, sports entertainment art-form that is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. With the landmark event that was WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 on the horizon, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to just “lean-in”, as they say.

It’s a very special all wrestling pod! We talk about WWE memories, feeling legitimate excitement about Daniel Bryan, being sad about CM Punk, Cesaro’s man strength, Brock Lesnar ending the streak, and the AWESOME HEEL that is AJ Lee.

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EVERYONE READ TENKO KING! And Tavis’ other great comics, available at Thunderskull Press! He truly is the best, nicest man in webcomics, and we had a blast podcasting with him as always. Hope you enjoyed it, and please, tell a friend about the pod! Plus, maybe throw us a review on iTunes? If you want to? But only if you want to.


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The Christmas Spectacular (with Tavis Maiden!) – That Thing You Like #41


It’s the first ever THAT THING YOU LIKE Christmas spectacular! For a show this big, we couldn’t do it alone; We teamed up with #StripSearch favourite and yuletide-enthusiast TAVIS MAIDEN to celebrate the holidays and ring in some good cheer. Enjoy!

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Before you read the rest of this post, go to ThunderSkullPress.com and bookmark it! There; you’ve set yourself up for some truly awesome comic-reading joy. Consider it a Christmas gift!

Now, to Christmas business! Tavis, along with your humble hosts, love Christmas, and we got into the spirit in a big bad way. Topics covered include favourite Christmas songs, movies and foods, plus, the long standing debate about Pumpkin Pie is put to bed, with CONTROVERSIAL RESULTS! It was a #ControversialChristmas. Also, we’ll need you to get on board with that hashtag like, right now. Tweet us with your #ControversialChristmas thoughts!

We also engage in some hot off the presses WRASSLIN’ talk! But it ties into Christmas, I promise. In fact, it ties into Christmas because of this amazing piece of television:


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That Thing You Like #23 – Tavis Maiden!


This week That Thing You Like had the absolute pleasure of being joined by webcomic creator extraordinaire Tavis Maiden. The man is one of the best cartoonists out there and we had a delightful time chatting with him about his many excellent comic strips, his time spent being the dad on Strip Search and the kickstarter for his exciting new project Tenko King. Which, coincidently, you can GO BACK RIGHT NOW! Like, right now, now.

It’s a tale about a boy and his magic frog pal and the many adventures they share. How incredible does that sound?!  Go on, the episode will be waiting for you when you get back from, uh, backing.

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Did we mention what a delightful time we had chatting with Tavis? Well, let me tell you, so delightful was this chat, that it CRUSHED our record episode length by a ridiculous margin. Clocking in at one hour, fifty-four minutes and forty-seven seconds, we are prepared to declare that this is the only episode of any podcast that you will ever have to listen to ever.

We speak about LITERALLY every subject one could possibly use human speech with which to speak about. Comics? Talked about it. Video games? Gotcha covered. Pro wrestling? We are all over that! The secret origin of Tavis Maiden’s hat? REVEALED AT LAST!

Most importantly though, we get down to the very core of why Tavis Maiden is such a brilliant webcomic creator and all around awesome guy. He offers some lovely insights into his ever so endearing slice of life strip Stranger Danger (we are seriously in love with this strip), what it has been like wrapping up his rock and roll spy-fi adventure The Konamis AND his experiences with his very own podcast actually GIANT. All of which can be found over at Thunderskull Press.

Even most-er importantly though, we talk all about his next big project TENKO KING! Tavis even shares with us some exclusive content regarding his plans for the strip and we could not possibly be more excited to see it in action!

GO BACK HIS KICKSTARTER: http://kck.st/1cqU8Yk 


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TTYL Podcast #10 – Strip Search Day 8

Abby Howard, Tavis Maiden - Strip Search Day 8 podcast

Strip Search continues to get the deluxe podcast treatment on That Thing You Like. Day 8 delivered a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat elimination matchup: The talented, hat-and-beard wearing Tavis Maiden versus the dinosaur enthusiast / young gun Abby Howard. It was a battle of two talents, as each artist aimed to prove their dominance by showing off their D*.

(*delightful comics.)

Day 8 was a day of foot racing. A day of Presidential signature forging. And ultimately, a day of laughing. Pee-your-pants, bust yo’ gut, cat-fuelled laughter. One of the elimcomics is the talk of the interwebs, and we go next level on what it means for the competition.

Sadly, because of the nature of the show, it was also a day where somebody bade their Strip Search compatriots a sincere goodbye. With this week’s elimination, we’re down to the FINAL FOUR. IN ALL CAPS. BECAUSE SERIOUS BUSINESS. Listen as we break down all of the moments and challenges of day 8, including our love of Loading Ready Run’s newly-pointed interview questions.

Plus, as That Thing You Like is wont to do, we predict the future of each artist in our official Strip Search POWER RANKINGS. We rank, and we do it with power.

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#TeamTangent. Although everyone on the show is SO talented and SO nice and SO great, it may as well be #TeamEveryone. Have your own Strip Search thoughts? Leave a comment below, or shout at us on Twitter.


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BONUS: We got to meet #TeamAmErika at Vancouver Comics and Arts Fest this weekend! If you ever meet them, a warning: Amy and Erika are the nicest human beings. Prepare yourself for their NICENESS.

Amy T. Falcone, Erika Moen - #TeamAmErika