TTYL Podcast #12 – Strip Search Day 9

Strip Search Day 9 Maki Lexxy

#StripSearch! Man, what a week for #StripSearch. The show got narrowed down to its #FinalThree, and the lead up to the show’s #conclusion brought a #truly #exciting #twist. Hashtag. With all this excitement, you might think That Thing You Like had abandoned its sworn duty to provide coverage of the show via the podcast medium; We are happy to report that, had you assumed that, you would be wrong!

Day 9 of the show was one of my (Brian!) personal favourites,with a heavy focus on unadulterated webcomic business in the elimination challenge. Maybe an episode about contract parsing isn’t for everyone. It is, however, definitely for me. Plus, Day 9 culminated in a contest of art-willpower between the talented, beardwall-ed Maki Naro and famed commenter-on-this-website / dino-roller Lexxy Douglass.

In this episode of That Thing You Like, your intrepid hosts talk about the negotiation styles displayed by the final four artists, Robert Khoo’s struggle against his brother’s early entry into the lunchbox market, and what exactly makes Lexxy Douglass an apparent internet lightning rod. Seriously, what is it about people believing in themselves that the internet hates so god damn much?

In the words of Khoo himself, this episode will move that tin.

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TTYL #8 – Strip Search Day 7

Strip Search - Day 7, Monica vs Lexxy

That Thing You Like can’t stop, won’t stop, podcasting about Penny Arcade’s Strip Search. Day 7 will long be remembered as a physically intense day of the show, one that ultimately pitted the tiny and hilarious Monica Ray against the talented, recently-kickstarted Lexxy Douglass.

Day 7 will also be remembered as the day Katie J Rice went motherflipping off on some fools, ping pong style.

The elimination matchup between Lexxy and Monica produced two legitimately great pieces, and for the first time, public opinion seems truly split. In our recap, That Thing You Like goes deep into the issues from the last three episodes. Did the ping pong episodes work? How could Khoo really fall that far in a ping pong draft? And is it right that the show might always favour solid joke construction, or is there room in the contest for thought-provoking, emotional work?


And really, just draft Robert Khoo you guys. I mean, seriously.

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