TTYL Podcast #16 – Abby Howard!

Abby Howard Podcast Interview

That Thing You Like has never been afraid to throw down for #TeamTangent. And, wouldn’t you know it, this week we’re happy to be joined by the cat-loving, kickstarter-crushing, webcomics prodigy Abby Howard!

Give her a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen!


If you’re looking for more Abby Howard off-the-cuff hilarity, this is 100% the podcast for you! In our longest episode to date, That Thing You Like delivers the definitive Abby Howard interview. Strap yourselves in and listen as we delve into Abby’s influences, her love of horror, and get some EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES STRIP SEARCH JUICE. Plus, some clutch, up to date info on her upcoming comic, “The Last Halloween.”

The interview wound up being incredibly warm and enjoyable, which we should have expected from the moment Chris and Abby both raced to make the same Clone High reference. Abby shares some great stories about realizing she could support herself on art, how her ‘sadness period’ on Junior Scientist Power Hour was born out of waiting to wrap up Strip Search, and what it was like to smash through her Kickstarter goal in 10 minutes.

Throughout it all, Abby is consistently honest and charming, and That Thing You Like wishes her the MOST success imaginable!

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TTYL #5 – Strip Search (Day Six)

Strip Search - Abby Howard and Erika MoenThat Thing You Like is ALL ABOUT Penny Arcade’s Strip Search! #StripSearch, you guys. Day #6 saw a showdown between the tangential-one, Abby Howard, and the webcomics badass / normative-definition-of-virginity-defier, Erika Moen.

And it was a doozy. A barnburner. A brouhaha, even.

Abby and Erika are both uniquely awesome, and their trial-by-art made for the hands-down best episode of Strip Search to date. But day six brought us a metric tonne of things to discuss: Why does the internet hate go-karting? Why is seeing people deal with the business-side of art so compelling? Is Tavis a bad person now? We answer all these questions, plus pitch the KHOO & SUNTER POWER HOUR.

And also Kris Straub. We heart you, Kris Straub.

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