Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Day of the Doctor – That Thing You Like #37

Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt - The Doctor

There’s no way around it: DOCTOR WHO’s 50th ANNIVERSARY was exceptional. Somehow mixing everything great about Doctor Who with epic levels of fan service, the DAY OF THE DOCTOR uses the combined charm of Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt to do more than entertain – it resolves the biggest issue hanging over the character’s backstory, while also managing to get back to the absolute best parts of what makes the show so special.

THAT THING YOU LIKE was only too happy to go deep into what made the special so dang… well, special. It was nice to get positive about Doctor Who for the first time in a long while! Throughout the pod, Brian and Chris break down the crazy entertaining character moments and, unsurprisingly, talk about how the episode made them a little teary-eyed. Enjoy!

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TTYL #2 – Doctor Who Gets Lucky


DOCTOOOOOOR! In this star studded That Thing You like, Brian and Chris go next level podcast on DOCTOR WHO. What makes it compelling despite the fact that it is kinda garbage most of the time? Spoilers: It’s because Matt Smith and David Tennant are awesome. Allons-y, friends. Allons-y.

But real talk, we spoil the entire series. We talk about the current state of the show, Russel T. Davies problems vs. Stephen Moffat problems, and our most favourite episodes.

Also, because there ain’t no stopping us, we talk about “Get Lucky”, the new single from DAFT PUNK. Why is it awesome, but a little disappointing? I’m only now realising that this is an episode full of conflicted emotions. Join us, and let the healing begin.

Listen here.

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