GODZILLA: Irritated Monster Janitor vs The Most Boring Protagonist Ever – That Thing You Like #61


GODZILLA! 2014! The story of one giant lizard with a thankless job, one milquetoast, poorly acted protagonist, and Bryan Cranston acting up a storm in front of said poorly acted protagonist. Plus everyone’s favourite, Ken Watanabe! Also, Elizabeth Olsen, who needed more (read: anything) to do. I guess some people really loved this movie. THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG.


But seriously, this movie has troubz for days. It’s the worst kind of reductive, bland storytelling, and relies way too much on CGI DESTRUCTOVISION. Which kinda… doesn’t work. Ever. For any movie. Hear us chat about it!

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That Thing You Like #32 – Breaking Bad (w/ Game Time Decision)

Breaking Bad - The Finale

BREAKING BAD just ended. After a couple weeks spent digesting the finale, THAT THING YOU LIKE is ready to talk about the show’s place in the pantheon of all time great television! But for a show this grand, this monumental, this epic (to borrow a completely overused adjective), we know we couldn’t settle for any half measures. So, enjoy our full measure: A no-holds barred, 90+-minute Breaking Bad pod with the boys of GAME TIME DECISION!

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First, to business! We were on this week’s episode of GAME TIME DECISION! If you come to THAT THING YOU LIKE for its witty banter, there’s a whole lot more of it on their pod! Plus, we talk Batman and Jurassic Park playsets. Go listen!

Mike and Ryan from Game Time Decision brought some really interesting views to the table, and allowed us to discuss the merits of binge-watching versus having the “from day one”, week-to-week experience. We also debate the ‘too neat’ criticism of the finale, talk favourite moments, and finish with a round-table, off-the-draft-board-style CHARACTER POWER RANKINGS! Our favourite thing, but this time, with four people! It was great times.

Also, there’s some audio issues with the episode – apologies! Please look past it where you can, and enjoy the great quality of discussion. It’s blue-crystal good. Was that a lame Breaking Bad joke? Alright, that’s it. I’m out. I’m out like a New Hampshire-isolationist cabin. I’m out, and I’m watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

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