PBS Idea Channel – That Thing You Like #36

PBS Idea Channel - Welcome to Night Vale image

PBS IDEA CHANNEL is basically the best thing on the internet. Hosted by Mike Rugnetta, each video is a crazy entertaining blend of pop culture, technology, science, and critical theory; all things your two liberal-arts-degree-having podcast hosts love talking about anyway!

THAT THING YOU LIKE breaks down what makes the YouTube channel so compelling, discuss some of its headiest ideas, and give our PATENTED POWER RANKINGS on individual episodes for you to check out! Also, we forget to  mention the great Welcome to Night Vale episode, which is our bad.

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That Thing You Like #33 – Cabin in the Woods (Happy Halloween!)

Cabin in the Woods Review

It’s a spoooooooky Halloween episode! THAT THING YOU LIKE goes next level on Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s CABIN IN THE  WOODS! A movie that actually goes next level on the entire dang horror genre.

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Though our hosts were separated by a vast expanse, no effort was spared in making sure this podcast was brought to you, dear listeners! We had a great time talking about the movie’s amazing sense of humour, its clever script, and its insanely smart meta-textual commentary. Seriously. A movie so smart, even the marketing plays into the theme they were trying to get across!

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