TY HALLEY on comics, creativity, and #CancelTrees – That Thing You Like #55

Ty Halley Interview podcast

TY HALLEY is a webcomics and #StripSearch luminary! If you haven’t read his work yet, we’d recommend taking some time to enjoy The Secret Life of a Journal Comic, his work as a writer on Penny Arcade / Scott Kurtz’s The Trenchesand his recently resurrected That’s Inhuman. But aside from that, if you like clever people having clever conversations, talking about how journal comics can tap into truths of the human experience, and discussions about TAKING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, this is the podcast for you!

But seriously. Ty is awesome. Everyone should follow him on Twitter, and read his comics! And also, listen to how smart and hilarious he is on this pod.

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That Thing You Like #23 – Tavis Maiden!


This week That Thing You Like had the absolute pleasure of being joined by webcomic creator extraordinaire Tavis Maiden. The man is one of the best cartoonists out there and we had a delightful time chatting with him about his many excellent comic strips, his time spent being the dad on Strip Search and the kickstarter for his exciting new project Tenko King. Which, coincidently, you can GO BACK RIGHT NOW! Like, right now, now.

It’s a tale about a boy and his magic frog pal and the many adventures they share. How incredible does that sound?!  Go on, the episode will be waiting for you when you get back from, uh, backing.

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Did we mention what a delightful time we had chatting with Tavis? Well, let me tell you, so delightful was this chat, that it CRUSHED our record episode length by a ridiculous margin. Clocking in at one hour, fifty-four minutes and forty-seven seconds, we are prepared to declare that this is the only episode of any podcast that you will ever have to listen to ever.

We speak about LITERALLY every subject one could possibly use human speech with which to speak about. Comics? Talked about it. Video games? Gotcha covered. Pro wrestling? We are all over that! The secret origin of Tavis Maiden’s hat? REVEALED AT LAST!

Most importantly though, we get down to the very core of why Tavis Maiden is such a brilliant webcomic creator and all around awesome guy. He offers some lovely insights into his ever so endearing slice of life strip Stranger Danger (we are seriously in love with this strip), what it has been like wrapping up his rock and roll spy-fi adventure The Konamis AND his experiences with his very own podcast actually GIANT. All of which can be found over at Thunderskull Press.

Even most-er importantly though, we talk all about his next big project TENKO KING! Tavis even shares with us some exclusive content regarding his plans for the strip and we could not possibly be more excited to see it in action!

GO BACK HIS KICKSTARTER: http://kck.st/1cqU8Yk 


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That Thing You Like #21 – Amy T. Falcone!

Amy T Falcone's Clique Refresh

AMY T. FALCONE – a name synonymous with webcomics, fingerless gloves, and ferrets. That Thing You Like was lucky enough to be joined by her for a fantastic chat about Amy’s past work, the upcoming Clique Refresh, and her perspective on Strip Search. Also you should know that Amy’s kickstarter for Clique Refresh is live. BACK IT NOW. DO IT.

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So, real talk, the thing you should know about Amy T. Falcone, is that she is charming as shit. Seriously. The interview wound up being a great group chat, with topics ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Pacific Rim. Plus, Amy names her DEFINITIVE BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME. You want to know which game she picked, right? C’mon. Of course you do!

In other real talk, Amy offers up some great insight into her work on the auto-bio comic Cardigan Weatherand talks about the challenge of growing up geeky back when it wasn’t as en vogue as it is today. Naturally, there’s also a lot of talk about the upcoming Clique Refresh, and the love Amy has for online friendships.

Amy’s a gem of a person, a helluva cartoonist, and she has voice and talent in equal measure – great things are in her future, and it was a true pleasure to have her on the show. Go show her your love by CLIQUESTARTING her next comic!

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TTYL Podcast #17 – Erika Moen!

That Thing You Like Erika Moen - Oh Joy Sex Toy

That Thing You Like continues to line up all-star guests! On this week’s episode, we were thrilled to be joined by the fantastically talented Erika Moen! Erika is legitimately one of the best cartoonists working today, web or otherwise. She is also possibly the nicest, most charming person alive. ENJOY THE INTERVIEW, BROS.

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Erika is a true comics badass and recently celebrated her 15th year of putting comics on the internet! If you haven’t read her work, you’re missing out. Missing out to the point where I question your life choices. Do yourself a favour – go spend a week or two reading DAR!, Bucko and the newly launched Oh Joy, Sex Toy! It’s okay. The podcast will be here when you get back.

If you HAVE read Erika’s work (or are just returning to this blog after your two week all-Erika-all-the-time comic fest), this interview will be a treat. We talk about Erika’s early love of comics, getting started at age 15, and the way both positive and negative comments influenced her decision to move on from DAR. Of course, we also talk a TON about Strip Search, and Erika doesn’t hold back on her experiences in the house, including how she would have handled the final challenge. She also talks about a NAKED HOT TUB BRAWL.

I wonder which sentence in that paragraph grabbed your attention?

Erika also discusses her future plans to release a sex-ed book that she considers her magnum opus, plus her favourite Adventure Time character. Sex AND Adventure Time! It’s just like that creepy corner of the internet you keep having nightmares about.

Erika’s Strip Search audition videos! http://www.erikamoen.com/video/strip-search-application-videos/


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TTYL Podcast #16 – Abby Howard!

Abby Howard Podcast Interview

That Thing You Like has never been afraid to throw down for #TeamTangent. And, wouldn’t you know it, this week we’re happy to be joined by the cat-loving, kickstarter-crushing, webcomics prodigy Abby Howard!

Give her a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen!


If you’re looking for more Abby Howard off-the-cuff hilarity, this is 100% the podcast for you! In our longest episode to date, That Thing You Like delivers the definitive Abby Howard interview. Strap yourselves in and listen as we delve into Abby’s influences, her love of horror, and get some EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES STRIP SEARCH JUICE. Plus, some clutch, up to date info on her upcoming comic, “The Last Halloween.”

The interview wound up being incredibly warm and enjoyable, which we should have expected from the moment Chris and Abby both raced to make the same Clone High reference. Abby shares some great stories about realizing she could support herself on art, how her ‘sadness period’ on Junior Scientist Power Hour was born out of waiting to wrap up Strip Search, and what it was like to smash through her Kickstarter goal in 10 minutes.

Throughout it all, Abby is consistently honest and charming, and That Thing You Like wishes her the MOST success imaginable!

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TTYL Podcast #15 – Strip Search ANALYZED (w/ Dre Alvarez)

Strip Search stats podcast

That Thing You Like has tried, folks. We have TRIED to stop podcasting about Strip Search. But with such a memorable finale, and an overall great show, there’s still more to say!

To close out finale week, we were joined by sports analytics writer and fellow Strip Search fan Dre Alvarez (of WagesofWins and TheNBAgeek) to talk some of the finer details of the show. Topics include the psychological shortcuts that may have formed people’s first opinions of Amy and Abby, the value of winning a competitive challenge, and potential guest judges for Strip Search season two.

It’s a great interview, and Dre’s passion for the show and intense level of smarts made for a great conversation. You can read more of his thoughts on the show in his great article, “Strip Search Advanced Stats.” Enjoy!

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TTYL Podcast #14 – Strip Search Finale (2 of 2)

Strip Search - Penny Arcade and the Final Three

And lo, Strip Search did come to this. It was a gripping finale, pitting the insanely talented Maki Naro, Katie Rice and Abby Howard against each other in a battle of original comic pitches and on-the-spot strip creation. It was a finale that let a lot of personality shine through, and provided a perfect way for Penny Arcade to deliver on the “America’s Next Top Webcomic” premise.

That Thing You Like was lucky enough to attend the live screening of the finale, and we’ve got our FINAL STRIP SEARCH FINALE PODCAST ABOUT THE FINALE for your enjoyment. Having watched the finale in a room with 400 others and attended the official after party, we are able to provide never-before-heard levels of insight into the slice of reality show gold that was Strip Search season one! Next level podcasting!

In this episode, we spend some time discussing the events of the last two episodes, the winner, and what the future holds for each of the final three. Plus, the pros and cons of each artist’s strip pitch. Then, after showering praise upon a deserving champion, your fearless hosts talk about the show as a whole: What did we love? What would we change? Who would we want back for season two?

All of these questions are answered. And, if you can believe it, we discuss even more questions than I’m mentioning in this post! It’s a tremendous “questions-answered-per-podcast” value! We do this for you, dear listener.

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