LUMBERJANES REVIEW: All Ages Comics, Female Creators, Friendship to the MAX! – That Thing You Like #112


LUMBERJANES, the hit Boom Studios comic about ladybros and their fantasy-genre girl scout adventures, is a breath of fresh air! Created by Shannon Waters, Noelle Stevenson, and Grace Ellis, the five Lumberjanes have stormed their way into the world’s pop culture heart, and has even been optioned for a big hollywood movie. But we’re here to answer the real question: Is it any good?

Well, yeah. Yes. Yes, it’s super good.

On this episode we’re joined by dear (dear, dear, DEAR) friend of the show Jenna Reid, who’s a real life girl guide leader! Which makes her the closest thing we could have to a real life Lumberjane on the show. We talk about our favourite Lumberjane badges, which Lumberjane we identify with, and sing the praises of the gorgeous art, great character design, and hilarious writing. Enjoy!

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