MAD MAX FURY ROAD: Action, Feminism, and Charlize Theron Forever


MAD MAX FURY ROAD! George Miller’s feminist action spectacular! God, what a breath of fresh air this movie was. Tom Hardy stars as the titular Max, but who cares, because this is Charlize Theron’s film as the incredible Imperator Furiosa. Sisters are doing it for themselves!

We’re joined by Tyler Heppell and Jenna Reid to talk a world driven insane by toxic masculinity, the need for feminine ideas to be given as much credit as traditionally male ones, and the way this movie uses balls-to-the-wall incredible action sequences to rail against the status quo. Let us know what you think: Is Mad Max the pro-woman action blockbuster we’ve all been waiting for? Did you hate it? Love it? (We hope you loved it.)

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