HITCH: Will Smith, Sexism, and the Normalization of Harmful Gender Roles


HITCH was a smash-hit romantic comedy for Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James back in 2005. But what if we told you that this seemingly inoffensive, charming movie about a “Date Doctor” finding love is actually super weird and harmful? Aside from having a main character who’s a proto-pick up artist, HITCH reads like a how-to guide on the basics of devaluing female personhood and agency.

So if you like it when Brian and Chris talk about media theory, hegemony, representation, and how frustrating it can be when pop culture reinforces a system of control, this is the episode for you! (We promise it’s not dry and joyless and angry.)

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One comment

  1. Loved the show. Would love a Photoshopped Hitch Poster with “F*** this movie!” – Chris Baxter as a teaser quote.

    One point – Sara (Eva) doesn’t ruin Hitch’s career. After the article comes out, everyone in his life starts bugging him for advice. His natural response is to freak out. Because as any self-employed consultant will tell you, a high-profile article about your work is the worst thing in the world, because it means you have to work more. Or whatever….this movie was stupid.

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