ABC’s TGIF: Nostalgia, Family, and Cherished Memories – That Thing You Like #101


TGIF! FULL HOUSE! BOY MEETS WORLD! FAMILY MATTERS! STEP BY STEP! It’s Friday night, and the mood is right. Brian and Chris are joined by Iris Dias and Corey Fischer of TALKFOOLERY for the second time to run down a nostalgic night of 90’s television! We talk our favourite shows, enduring memories, and how TGIF night was more diverse than a lot of modern programming.

Also, we talk about the unrealistic ‘family’ depictions, and talk about the ways TOO MANY COOKS gets at the heart of that unrealness. Enjoy!

(Also, we guested on this week’s episode of Talkfoolery! It’s a cross-pod, friend-stravaganza showdown! If you want more of us this week, you can find it right here:

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