PARKS AND RECREATION FINALE – One last waffle, one last hug, One Last Ride – That Thing You Like #100


PARKS AND RECREATION just aired its series finale. There was friendship. And waffles. And hugs. And we have many feelings about it. We bid a fond, bittersweet farewell to Amy Poehler’s amazing turn as Leslie Knope, and talk about how the show’s relentless optimism and pursuit of growth made us better people.

Plus, we run down each character’s final moments, and celebrate the work of Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Retta, Adam Scott, Jim O’Heir, Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe. God, we love them so much. Why can’t there be more? #ParksFarewell. (Oh, and also Billy Eichner and Ben Schwartz, who are human comedy weapons.)

Also, Episode 100! Wow! And we didn’t even mention it on the episode. Next week! We’ll get to it next week. Thanks for listening – we love you and we like you.

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  1. Hey I believe you both are big Phil lord Chris miller fans, what did you think of last man on earth? I kinda liked it so far but it’s still too soon to tell. Definitely a fan of everyone involved though…

  2. You threw some shade at Legend of Korra for not definitively answering the question of whether Korra and Asami were in a romantic relationship. Even though it was implied, you were disappointed or upset that it wasn’t shown.

    Parks and Rec’s finale had a (sort of) parallel vagueness: Leslie and the Office of the President. It heavily implied that Leslie ended up as the President, but stopped short of actually saying/showing it. I was expecting a similar expression of disappointment, especially given the context of the wish fulfillment of the rest of the characters, but both of you seemed to approve of the vagueness.

    Why do you feel that the vagueness of Leslie possibly becoming President was a good move, while the vagueness of Korra and Asami possibly having a romantic relationship was bad?

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