2014 LIKEY AWARDS: Recognizing 2014’s Best. And also, worst. (Godzilla sucks.) – That Thing You Like #94

Tina and Amy - Golden Globes

It’s our BEST OF 2014 AWARD SPECTACULAR! Brian and Chris celebrate and commiserate over the best and worst that the last year had to offer. We talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Birdman, Agent Carter, Run the Jewels, Taylor Swift, Friendship, Godzilla, our favourite social media parody accounts, and more! Plus, our “Favourite Webcomic that Ended in 2014” award!

Join us in celebrating the year’s best (and, importantly, the worst), and let us know your faves and hates from 2014!

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  1. Love Azalea Banks as a rapper and also as a beautiful Internet train wreck. She is worth the follow just for some of the craziness she will put out in the world, though I think she’s gotten saner recently. I wouldn’t expect her to speak at such a considered level even though she is pretty smart, but Ta-Nahesi Coates’ article on reparations was one of the best pieces I’d read all year, feel like I need to give it a shout out.



    Also, two upsets in podcast over this year’s Taylor Swift of that category, Serial! I know it was problematic but it was captivating to me and might have been a game changer for the whole podcast game.

    I thought Imitation Game was good borderline good plus, and had something to say even if you already know Turing’s story. I think you both will like it as champions of LGBT issues, but though I liked it on that level I found it more interesting to read the character as a person who almost completely subverts his emotions to rationality and what that process does to a person, especially doing things at the scale he did. Selma was good too and I’m not a fan of Biopics but I really liked the way these two movies approached their subjects, I.e the parts of the story they chose to tell, though I guess that only makes a difference if you know the larger stories. I thought Foxcatcher and American Sniper failed in this regard albeit in opposite directions, though both are still a solid good for me (AS borderline good minus). This is coming from someone who completely agrees about King’s Speech but would go Social Network over Black Swan, if that helps. Speaking of which if you liked Black Swan you’ll like Whiplash even though I guess Birdman (also one of the year’s best) is more its spiritual successor.

    Also AV Club and Wesley Morris of Grantland (and you guys of course [usually]) are the main way I justify my opinions on culture to myself. And the Hair comic was great cbax.

    • Thanks for the comment BJ! I can now safely say that I’m really excited to se Whiplash. I hear kind of mixed things about Imitation Game, but I’m sure Benedict crushes his performance.

      And thanks for the Ta-Nehesi Coates links! Those articles are both fantastic.

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