THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES – The Best Comedy of 2014! | That Thing You Like #92

battle elk

THE HOBBIT movies are bad. Really bad. But, the first two are bad in the worst way – the boring way. The third? It’s the right kind of bad. The “Comedy of the Year” kind of bad. With THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES in theatres, Brian and Chris are joined by Tolkien-enthusiast (and good friend) Tyler Heppell to talk about a movie that doesn’t understand its own tone, our favourite comedy beats, and how we rate all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies.

Plus, we eulogize an elk, and tell the SUPER SECRET ORIGIN OF THE GOOD+ to SHIT- REVIEW SCALE!

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  1. I’dgive this movie an elk plus. I feel like it had interesting ideas, some from the book (Dragon sickness and the effect of power) and some from the new stuff (love between a mortal and an immortal), which makes the fact that it couldn’t execute and say something about these things that much worse.
    On a future programming note, have you guys been consciously avoiding all the Oscar bait this year? I would strongly recommend/ want to hear your takes on Birdman, Whiplash, and Force Majuere, assuming those are out in Vancouver now, though they are out in the aether regardless and I don’t judge alternative means of media consumption.

    • ELK PLUS!

      And we haven’t been avoiding it! I (Brian) saw Birdman (and loved it), but I don’t think either of us have seen Whiplash or Force Majuere, which we know are supposed to be excellent. Someday.

      I would be surprised if I don’t find some way to talk about Birdman soon, because I definitely have thoughts about it. I think the plan is to do another Best of the Year pod, so maybe there?

      • Oh cool, cbax get on this Birdman train before it leaves the station! Definitely get to it in your own time, but I really can’t recommend Force Majeure enough, as well as another of my all time faves also from that neck of the woods, Festen, which is kind of a mix between Force Majeure and Gosford Park. Sort of. Anyway I’m sure you’ll see Whiplash regardless of my recommendation, it’s that much of a must watch. Look forward to the best of 2014 pod as well the rest of TTYL 2015.

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