TOMBSTONE: Are you a Huckleberry or a Daisy? – That Thing You Like #88


TOMBSTONE (1993) is many things: a star-studded ensemble; a throwback to sweeping epics; a western to end all westerns; and moustaches moustaches moustaches! In this episode we go into why TOMBSTONE is one of our FAVOURITE MOVIES, and specifically about how great Val Kilmer is for a long time. Plus, we workshop the the name of the villanous “Cowboys”, talk about Johnny Ringo’s psycho-intimidation tactics, and try to understand why Powers Boothe hates the moon. Check it out, and whether you already love Tombstone or are brand new to it, let us know what you think!

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  1. As always, loved the podcast. A note on workaholics and work/life balance. You mention Penny-Arcade and that Mike and Jerry actually do keep a work-life balance. I think there are a few notes here.

    First, Robert Khoo is an insane workaholic. On the PA show, they basically mention he’s always on and has an insane level of dedication. I recall in some interviews that Khoo says any romantic relationship will need to understand work comes first. The other PA team members basically say that Khoo is the insane engine that is a huge part of their success. It’s funny but you could remove Jiro from your audio and it would be hard to know if you were talking him or Khoo. Khoo’s “trick” was to make his work family a real family. Of course, Jiro kind of does this.

    Also a funny last note on workaholics is also PA. On Stripped the documentary I believe they mention that they don’t think of themselves as workaholics until you ask how much time they spend thinking about comics. Sure, they go home, but they’re always writing in their head and thinking. I mean even observe how many webcomics get family life/con-life in their comics. It’s like they go “I can have a personal life, but only if it generates content.”

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