WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 + Tavis Maiden = SMACK-POD! – That Thing You Like #56


Every conversation That Thing You Like has had with webcomic luminary TAVIS MAIDEN has invariably turned to one thing: The squared circle. The sweet science. The totally respectable, legitimate, sports entertainment art-form that is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. With the landmark event that was WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 on the horizon, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to just “lean-in”, as they say.

It’s a very special all wrestling pod! We talk about WWE memories, feeling legitimate excitement about Daniel Bryan, being sad about CM Punk, Cesaro’s man strength, Brock Lesnar ending the streak, and the AWESOME HEEL that is AJ Lee.

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EVERYONE READ TENKO KING! And Tavis’ other great comics, available at Thunderskull Press! He truly is the best, nicest man in webcomics, and we had a blast podcasting with him as always. Hope you enjoyed it, and please, tell a friend about the pod! Plus, maybe throw us a review on iTunes? If you want to? But only if you want to.


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