FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is a show that will change you – That Thing You Like #54

Friday Night Lights podcast

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is EVERYTHING. As many have said, it’s the only show that makes you feel like you should be a better person. On this week’s THAT THING YOU LIKE, Brian and Chris talk about the show making them cry, falling in love with the characters, and then crying some more.

But seriously you guys. This is a show about life, way more than it’s a show about football. I mean, yes, it IS about football. But the depiction of growing up, people dealing with small-world-but-big-personal stakes, and for the love of god, COACH ERIC TAYLOR. Plus, the best marriage in TV history! #TamiTaylor4Ever. This show is an all-time great, and we were only too happy to break down what makes it so remarkable.

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  1. Thanks for this! I loved this show so much and I also think IT is similar to Parks and rec and I cant believe you mentioned that. Also: I am Glad there are Other People Who dont like Julie! I thought I was the only one. You really got me hooked on your podcast now.

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