Did TRUE DETECTIVE stick the landing? – That Thing You Like #51

True Detective podcast debate

TRUE DETECTIVE basically set the whole internet on fire. You know this. You may even know that we podcasted about it once already. But that was back in the days of the first five TRUE DETECTIVE episodes! A lot can change by the end of a season! And boy, did it ever change. In this episode, THAT THING YOU LIKE goes hard at the finale, unpacks the lasting themes and ideas from the show, and our hosts debate whether or not the show was even worth watching. Intense stuff! Especially when once we were both so optimistic.

Sigh. Were we ever so young? Anyway, check out the links to get the episode! We also get into the show’s troublesome approach to critiquing the “traditional hard-boiled, male-power detective” story, and argue that, for all the time spent making both Marty and Rust appear “uncool”, they both (and Rust especially) wind up settling into the typical ‘troubled but awesome antihero’ trope. Good times!

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Or, listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1hn3hQT

Well, it wasn’t QUITE as great as we thought it might be back in Episode 48, but at least it led to a lot of interesting podcast talk. Thanks for listening! If you liked the show and have any thoughts, let us know on Twitter or in the comments! And please, share the show with your friends! You’re the best.


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