Is HOUSE OF CARDS low art or high trash? – That Thing You Like #50

House of Cards podcast review

Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS is a sexy, political good time. But, is it actually any good? THAT THING YOU LIKE isn’t afraid to tell you that, yes, it IS good. Very good. Maybe even great. But regardless of its place in any kind of imaginary “golden age of television” pantheon, the show is pretty damn fun. Political scandal! Kevin Spacey soliloquizing to the camera! Robin Wright’s icy cheekbones! What’s not to love?

We talk about both seasons of the show, the surprising twists in Frank Underwood’s climb up the Washington ladder, and how both seasons seemed determined to have one “topical” side plot that is REALLY, REALLY DUMB. Plus, the 50th Episode gala, sponsored by Aquafresh!

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