FROZEN is PRETTY MUCH PERFECT – That Thing You Like #47

Frozen: Disney and Feminism!

FROZEN is so awesome, THAT THING YOU LIKE can’t LET IT GO. See what we did there?

Alright, that was lame. But FROZEN is seriously amazing – charming, funny, and with two interesting, engaging female leads, it’s both a classic Disney story and a refutation of Disney’s problematic history with the women in their films. Plus, Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel go FULL BROADWAY to spectacular effect! There’s so much to love, and Chris and Brian gush to their ice cold hearts’ content. But, we also take some time out to respectfully discuss the criticisms of the film. Ultimately though, there’s a lot more good than harm – if you haven’t seen it yet, where are your life priorities?

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  1. I definitely agree that there’s more good than harm in Frozen, but a few things jumped out at me as being problematic in the movie. You guys discussed msot of them in the podcast, but one that stood out for me was how Frozen depicted race

    Every human character was white and the trolls mostly (or entirely, I can’t remember) had voices that sounded stereotypically African-American. I can understand wanting the trolls to come across as being “other”, but why didn’t Disney go with a less potentially offensive option? Given that all the main characters had impeccably American accents, if Disney had given the trolls a Norwegian accent, it stil would’ve communicated their other-ness, been more geographically accurate, and would’ve avoided equating being a troll with sounding black.

    On a side note, this podcast inspired me to watch Frozen, which in turn inspired me to try out other recent Disney movies. So I watched Tangled. Ugh. Talk about a movie where the female protagonist has zero agency.

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