Happy Endings is the BEST TV COMEDY EVER – That Thing You Like #44


Did you watch ABC’s HAPPY ENDINGS? No? Then you are a BAD PERSON.

Sigh. I’m sorry, we just get emotional about Happy Endings, or, as it’s commonly known around here at THAT THING YOU LIKE, the greatest sitcom of all time. Friends? Ain’t got time for you. Frasier? Pssh. Cheers? DON’T MAKE US LAUGH! It’s our longest pod ever: A two hour love-fest / memorial for a brilliant comedy taken far too soon. And so PROFOUND was the show’s impact on our lives, we had to enlist the TV and Comedy expertise of the great DENEA CAMPBELL to properly discuss what makes HAPPY ENDINGS truly shine above its competition.

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It’s two hours of fun, folks. We do not one, but TWO power rankings, if that whets your appetite. Denea jump starts the conversation by bringing us a Happy Endings-Friends comparison from a (shockingly homophobic!) outside source, which is a natural starting point to discuss just how much better Happy Endings is than literally every other situation comedy ever. And every movie ever. And probably better than, I don’t know, the moon. It’s better than the friggin’ MOON.

If you’ve seen Happy Endings, let us know how you feel about it in the comments! Or alternatively, we really hope our love-fest inspires you to give the show a chance. If you enjoyed the show, please leave us a rating and review on iTunes, and tell your friends! Because we’re all on TEAM FRIENDSHIP!

Seriously guys. Watch the show so you can get all these references. ❤


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  1. Thank you for bringing Happy Endings into my life. I hadn’t heard of it before this podcast. I listened to the podcast, watched an episode at random, then my wife and I downloaded every single episode and powered our way through them.

    SO good.

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