Sherlock – That Thing You Like #43

Sherlock and Moriarty slash!

SHERLOCK LIVES! THAT THING YOU LIKE couldn’t stay away from the classic-detective / tumblr-superstar that is BBC’s Sherlock – we’ve seen all of season three, and have organized our thoughts thusly into podcast form! As always, it’s a full spoiler smack-down, so be warned! But the show gave us a lot to discuss aside from plot points: Is Stephen Moffatt sexist? Did he totally ruin Irene Adler as a character? Why does the show make so many “Not gay!” jokes?

And finally, how does John not see the deep desire, the longing in Sherlock’s voice, as they stare at each other across the flat at 221B Baker Street? It had been a rough stretch for Dr. Watson, but Sherlock had always been there. As a friend. Or… something more? John often found himsel- WOOPS, SORRY GUYS, DIDN’T MEAN TO GO ALL TUMBLR / SLASHFIC ON YOU.

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