The Christmas Spectacular (with Tavis Maiden!) – That Thing You Like #41


It’s the first ever THAT THING YOU LIKE Christmas spectacular! For a show this big, we couldn’t do it alone; We teamed up with #StripSearch favourite and yuletide-enthusiast TAVIS MAIDEN to celebrate the holidays and ring in some good cheer. Enjoy!

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Or, listen to the episode here:

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Now, to Christmas business! Tavis, along with your humble hosts, love Christmas, and we got into the spirit in a big bad way. Topics covered include favourite Christmas songs, movies and foods, plus, the long standing debate about Pumpkin Pie is put to bed, with CONTROVERSIAL RESULTS! It was a #ControversialChristmas. Also, we’ll need you to get on board with that hashtag like, right now. Tweet us with your #ControversialChristmas thoughts!

We also engage in some hot off the presses WRASSLIN’ talk! But it ties into Christmas, I promise. In fact, it ties into Christmas because of this amazing piece of television:


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  1. I haven’t had a chance to finish listening to this ep yet, but I have to say something.

    The middle of nanaimo bars should not be yellow.

    If the middle is yellow, then you are eating an abomination and are missing out on the true deliciousness of the nanaimo bar.

    A true nanaimo bar’s filling consists of four ingredients: margarine, vanilla pudding powder, icing sugar and milk. Nothing yellow, everything delicious. My nanaimo bar recipe comes from my mom, who got it from her mom, who got it from her mom, all of whom lived in Nanaimo and/or Ladysmith.
    I recognize that I’m a random dude on the internet positing insider knowledge, but believe me – if you only eat yellow nanaimo bars, you are robbing yourself of true joy.

      • If I still lived in Vancouver, I would make you a batch and bring it to wherever it is you live. And you, Chris, Tavis and I could sit around the fireplace eating nanaimo bars.

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