#34 – Webcomics

Webcomics - Girls With Slingshots

THAT THING YOU LIKE talks our first love: WEBCOMICS. We go over our introduction to the medium, our early favourites like Penny Arcade and PVP, and the later ones like Girls With Slingshots that would go on to shape our journey into adulthood. WOOF, HEAVY. GETTIN’ REAL UP IN HERE.

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So, real talk, we’ve been webcomic fans for over a decade now (pre-Strip Search, even!), and were only too happy to dive into the artists that have made an impact on our lives. We start off by pimping the works of the wonderful Strip Search gang, and then talk about our experiences finding comics and artists that really spoke to us.

Which is kind of the magic of webcomics, you know? You get to find artists that really speak to you, rather than trying to identify with this Sunday’s edition of… I don’t know, let’s say Robotman.

The show dives into our love of slice of life stripes (like the aforementioned Girls With Slingshots), talks about the hilarious specificity of Kate Beaton, and discusses the prolific nature of Kris Straub. It’s a webcomic lovefest! Then, we wrap up with Brian and Chris recommending webcomics to each other, which is sure to be a treat for anyone out there. Anyone looking to expand their webcomic-reading horizons. Which should be everyone.

Have a favourite comic? Want to explain the appeal of Homestuck? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you! Thanks for listening.


  1. Looking forward to this one, webcomics have become one my “things that I like”. Somehow I’ve got 31 webcomics on my feedly list, and I feel like you’ll already be familiar with most of the them, as I got dragged in through PvP, then Webcomics Weekly, then PA and Stripsearch.

    So I’ll just pick two that I really like: The Abominable Charles Christopher @ abominable.cc by the amazing Karl Kerschl, and Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life @ eqcomics.com by Dan Long.

    Now I’ll go listen to the podcast. 🙂

    • Thanks AJH! I’ve never read Quest to Find the Meaning of Life, and will definitely check it out!

      I completely forgot about Abominable Charles Christopher while we were recording! Everyone should give it a look, if for no other reason than to just take in Karl Kerschl’s GORGEOUS artwork.

      – Brian

  2. Subnormality almost always seem to find new ways to deliver profound messages. It has a tendency toward walls of text, and it is important to read them.
    I think the strip that got me hooked was #21 Doubt creeps in, but The Line is also good. So is Anomalies, Maturity, Defocus. There are too many to list. Just pick a couple at random from the archive. : D

  3. The Meek (http://www.meekcomic.com)!!!! It’s been on hiatus for a bit, but it’s definitely still so awesome 🙂

    Also, I really like Off White (http://off-white.eu/comic/page-248). It’s your semi-typical “talking animals” comic, but it’s done REALLY well. There is a whole mythos and backstory to the comic and the artwork is beautiful.

    Then you got Ava’s Demon (http://www.avasdemon.com). It incorporates well done gif’s, music and a one panel style that is really engaging. The artwork and character design is lovely.

    The Fox Sister is pretty new (http://thefoxsister.com). I’d say the artwork is my major draw to it. The plot is ramping up though!

    Enjoy! 🙂

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