That Thing You Like #30 – New Girl

New Girl - Podcast

Who’s that show? Who’s that show? THAT THING YOU LIKE! This week, we go next level on NEW GIRL, an ensemble comedy that hasn’t just found an incredibly strong footing, but is actively getting better with time.

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What was once perceived as a Zooey Deschanel vehicle has become a rich, well-rounded ensemble comedy. It’s the kind of show that makes you enjoy just spending time with its characters – but especially Schmidt. Oh Schmidt; your antics delight all.

On the show, we run-down the show’s rocky beginnings, and even rockier handling of its characters throughout season one. But past that, we get into what makes each character sing, how the show learned to play to each actor’s strength, the atypical (or Mary Tyler Moore throwback?) qualities of Zooey as Jess Day, PLUS ALL THE SCHMIDT TALK YOU CAN HANDLE! And also #NickAndJess.

And also, we end by doing power rankings of our favourite cooking spices. And give a special, personalized outro that is JUST FOR YOU.

Look, these both make sense in the context of the episode, okay? Just open your heart and go with it. If you’re a New Girl fan, or if you just enjoyed the podcast, let us know how you feel about the show! Maybe tweet us your favourite Schmidt line? And wouldn’t it also be fun to rate us on iTunes and share the show with your friends? Dear listener, of course it would.


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