That Thing You Like #29 – Warrior

Warrior - Tom Hardy - Joel Edgerton

WARRIOR is the movie THE FIGHTER wishes it could be. Whoa! Shots fired! THAT THING YOU LIKE is officially throwing shade at Wahlberg! But seriously. On this week’s episode, you can hear two UFC non-fans talk about the movie that took their hearts to a steel cage, threw on a deep kimura, and never let go.

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Okay, so, yes, WARRIOR reaches for the low hanging fruit of being the only ‘real’ movie about MMA. But it’s worth a watch if A, you like any kind of sports movie, or B), you have human feelings and emotions. The performances by Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are soulful, electric, and never not compelling, even as they adhere to well-worn sports-movie tropes. But good lord, how they manage to execute on those tropes. 

The movie is on Netflix, so really, do yourself a favour and go watch. Watch, and let us know what you think! It’s a movie that isn’t about the twists and turns at all, so feel free to enjoy the podcast either before (to convince yourself to watch) or after (to have something to listen to while drying your tears) viewing the film. And also, queue up some of The National, and get ready for a one way ticket to FeelingsTown, population you.

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