That Thing You Like #28 – How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother - Podcast

On the eve of its final season, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER deserves a proper send-off. And That Thing You Like is JUST THE PODCAST TO DO IT! Chris, Brian and friend of the show, Iris Dias of Talkfoolery, breakdown what made the show so special in its near-perfect early seasons, go next level on each of the characters, and pick some favourite moments. Enjoy!

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Or, listen to the episode here:

– DARY! Alright, we all knew that was coming. Admit it: You enjoyed it at least a little.

As the intro paragraph so artfully mentioned, we couldn’t do this episode alone. Or, more accurately, we could have done it alone, but preferred not to. Because sometimes we get lonely. So we’re glad Iris Dias could join us in our How I Met Your Mother super-fandom extravaganz-tacular.

The show has grown weak in its old age, and pretty much failed to deliver on its premise’s original conceit. On the show, we try to figure out where it started to go wrong, and debate (read: all agree with each other) if the show was just an unfortunate victim of being relegated to CBS’ “Forever-Renewed / Eternal-Franchise” hierarchy. Fan of the show? Wish it had been Old-Yeller’d some time ago? Let us know in the comments!

And, because we all forgot to mention this moment:


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  1. Apparently, Marshall’s “I’m not ready for this” moment was improvised by Jason Segel and done in one take.

    And I’m pretty certain they’ve confirmed, timeline-wise, that Barney and Robin definitely marry. The episode where Barney and Quinn write their prenups, specifically, if I remember it correctly.

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