That Thing You Like #27 – Marvel’s The Avengers / Agents of SHIELD

Marvel's The Avengers

THAT THING YOU LIKE zaps it up! We finally got around to discussing THE AVENGERS – a movie that shines a light on what big-budget blockbusters can be, entertainment-wise. If those blockbusters focus on, you know, giving memorable characters some good dialogue, treating the audience with respect and creating crowning-moments-of-awesome that they actually earn. And also focus on having Joss Whedon; that guy is just the best.

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It may seem like a silly, men-in-armor-and-tights kind of joint, but beneath all that, THE AVENGERS is actually a testament to the importance of letting real character moments drive your story. Seriously. Everybody go read some Film Crit Hulk. We talk about how Whedon manages to not just create a solid action movie using pre-established characters, but also uses their interactions to make the characters more well-rounded and funnier – and thus, more compelling overall.

We go next level on a few elements of the movie, including Whedon’s characterization of ScarJo’s Black Widow, Mark Ruffalo’s amazing take on the hulk, and then spend a little while getting prepped for the (hopefully fun) Agents of SHIELD tv show, which premieres next week. Excited for the new show? Have thoughts about Marvel’s box-office-destroying masterpiece? Let us know!


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