That Thing You Like #26 – Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven - Movie podcast

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS A GOOD MOVIE. That’s the starting point for this episode of THAT THING YOU LIKE, and it only gets weirder from there! And by weirder, I mean Chris and Brian banter in their usual fashion about Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic. It might feel like a movie lost to the bargain-dvd-bin of time, but trust us – it’s a strangely interesting piece of cinema.

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Orlando Bloom at the height of his semi-wooden stardom! Liam Neeson, going through the motions as a mentor-type! The movie has it all. Except for Liam Neeson going through the motions; he would never do that. Neeson is a total pro.

As we talk about on the pod, the movie is a weird mish-mash of kind of boring battles, anachronistic-philosophy spouting characters, and it’s KIND OF REALLY GREAT. Well, great if you watch the somehow-even-longer director’s cut. Don’t worry – all is explained inside the comforting, audio-rich walls of this podcast.


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