That Thing You Like #25 – Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Netflix has found its first truly great show, and it’s ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. It’s progressive, funny, and poignant, and THAT THING YOU LIKE couldn’t resist chiming in with our own opinions! We spend the majority of the pod talking about the show’s truly amazing, diverse ensemble, which of course gives us a chance to bring back our beloved POWER RANKINGS. Don’t ‘edge’ – treat yourself to the full pleasures of this podcast experience!

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Okay, so, everyone loves Nicky. She’s the best. But the show really does have an amazing cast of people from all kinds of backgrounds. The show’s been getting a lot of deserved praise for its portrayal of well-rounded characters, addressing binary gender issues, and being pretty damn funny while doing it. It’s a hell of a watch, and we were only too happy to spend an hour talking about what stood out in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’s veritable ocean of awesome.

Have a favourite character? Something we missed? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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Chris Baxter – @cbax
Brian Shirlaw – @Brian_RS



    Re: Weeds – I agree with the critics and disagree with Chris. But what does he know, really?
    Chris’ ‘UGH’ when Brian mentions LOST is awesome.
    Taryn Manning is related to THE Mannings?! Amazing. She was also in the Britney Spears coming-of-age tale “Crossroads”
    I agree with cbax it IS very odd that they’d put her & Piper in the same joint. A cop’s kid knows. Also, a friend of a cop’s kid knows. (Me!)
    The theme song got old real quick. It’s an OK song, but not great for the opening of a tv show.
    Who hasn’t asked for the ‘skip theme song’ option on DVDs?!
    The pregnancy / pornstache firing plot was, for a group of criminals, so poorly planned.
    Who’s giving pornstache sympathy?!
    I love that Chris enjoys relationships that reflect your friendship. “We’re best friends!”

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