That Thing You Like #21 – Amy T. Falcone!

Amy T Falcone's Clique Refresh

AMY T. FALCONE – a name synonymous with webcomics, fingerless gloves, and ferrets. That Thing You Like was lucky enough to be joined by her for a fantastic chat about Amy’s past work, the upcoming Clique Refresh, and her perspective on Strip Search. Also you should know that Amy’s kickstarter for Clique Refresh is live. BACK IT NOW. DO IT.

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So, real talk, the thing you should know about Amy T. Falcone, is that she is charming as shit. Seriously. The interview wound up being a great group chat, with topics ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Pacific Rim. Plus, Amy names her DEFINITIVE BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME. You want to know which game she picked, right? C’mon. Of course you do!

In other real talk, Amy offers up some great insight into her work on the auto-bio comic Cardigan Weatherand talks about the challenge of growing up geeky back when it wasn’t as en vogue as it is today. Naturally, there’s also a lot of talk about the upcoming Clique Refresh, and the love Amy has for online friendships.

Amy’s a gem of a person, a helluva cartoonist, and she has voice and talent in equal measure – great things are in her future, and it was a true pleasure to have her on the show. Go show her your love by CLIQUESTARTING her next comic!



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