That Thing You Like #19 – Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

EDGAR WRIGHT is the best, and That Thing You Like isn’t afraid of letting the universe know how much we appreciate his work. With the release of The World’s End just around the corner, we cast a pod that looks at his career to date: the fun television effort, Spaced; the movie that launched 1000 fandoms, Shaun of the Dead; the absolutely incredible Hot Fuzz; and the masterclass in visual production and editing that is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

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It’s an episode that is overflowing with love for Wright. Does he make love-letters to genre films? Absolutely. But we spend a little time on the pod talking about how he might be more than that – with his quick references, spot-on music cues, and general media savvy, Wright is a filmmaker that really captures the spirit of the modern age.

Everyone, join us in our excitement for World’s End and our appreciation of the Wright filmography! If you like the show, please tell a friend, share a link, maybe rate us on iTunes? Thanks, babe.


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