TTYL Podcast #18 – Adventure Time!

That Thing You Like - Adventure Time

That Thing You Like is feeling so math, you guys. So math that we recorded a podcast devoted to one of the greatest shows on television: ADVENTURE TIME! It’s pretty flipping jacked up.

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Maybe it was because of the subject matter, but this show’s intro and outro got a little surreal, folks. It was a blast to talk about the show for an hour!

As noted in many places online, Adventure Time is a deceptively grown-up show for all its childish trappings. There are big themes at work throughout the show, and That Thing You Like is only too happy to go NEXT LEVEL in our talk about all things Land of Ooo. Plus we talk our favourite characters, try to understand what makes Lemongrab awesome instead of awful, and proclaim our personal favourite Princesses.

All that AND we give you controversial Adventure Time Character Power Rankings. Who was snubbed? Was it YOUR favourite character? Download and find out!

Also, at one point in the pod we mention a great video from the PBS Idea Channel that has an interesting take on Adventure Time. You should watch said video:


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