TTYL Podcast #17 – Erika Moen!

That Thing You Like Erika Moen - Oh Joy Sex Toy

That Thing You Like continues to line up all-star guests! On this week’s episode, we were thrilled to be joined by the fantastically talented Erika Moen! Erika is legitimately one of the best cartoonists working today, web or otherwise. She is also possibly the nicest, most charming person alive. ENJOY THE INTERVIEW, BROS.

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Erika is a true comics badass and recently celebrated her 15th year of putting comics on the internet! If you haven’t read her work, you’re missing out. Missing out to the point where I question your life choices. Do yourself a favour – go spend a week or two reading DAR!, Bucko and the newly launched Oh Joy, Sex Toy! It’s okay. The podcast will be here when you get back.

If you HAVE read Erika’s work (or are just returning to this blog after your two week all-Erika-all-the-time comic fest), this interview will be a treat. We talk about Erika’s early love of comics, getting started at age 15, and the way both positive and negative comments influenced her decision to move on from DAR. Of course, we also talk a TON about Strip Search, and Erika doesn’t hold back on her experiences in the house, including how she would have handled the final challenge. She also talks about a NAKED HOT TUB BRAWL.

I wonder which sentence in that paragraph grabbed your attention?

Erika also discusses her future plans to release a sex-ed book that she considers her magnum opus, plus her favourite Adventure Time character. Sex AND Adventure Time! It’s just like that creepy corner of the internet you keep having nightmares about.

Erika’s Strip Search audition videos!


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