TTYL Podcast #14 – Strip Search Finale (2 of 2)

Strip Search - Penny Arcade and the Final Three

And lo, Strip Search did come to this. It was a gripping finale, pitting the insanely talented Maki Naro, Katie Rice and Abby Howard against each other in a battle of original comic pitches and on-the-spot strip creation. It was a finale that let a lot of personality shine through, and provided a perfect way for Penny Arcade to deliver on the “America’s Next Top Webcomic” premise.

That Thing You Like was lucky enough to attend the live screening of the finale, and we’ve got our FINAL STRIP SEARCH FINALE PODCAST ABOUT THE FINALE for your enjoyment. Having watched the finale in a room with 400 others and attended the official after party, we are able to provide never-before-heard levels of insight into the slice of reality show gold that was Strip Search season one! Next level podcasting!

In this episode, we spend some time discussing the events of the last two episodes, the winner, and what the future holds for each of the final three. Plus, the pros and cons of each artist’s strip pitch. Then, after showering praise upon a deserving champion, your fearless hosts talk about the show as a whole: What did we love? What would we change? Who would we want back for season two?

All of these questions are answered. And, if you can believe it, we discuss even more questions than I’m mentioning in this post! It’s a tremendous “questions-answered-per-podcast” value! We do this for you, dear listener.

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Or, listen to the episode here: I mean, it’ll be in your browser, like a god damn savage, but who am I to judge your listening preferences?

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We loved the show. If you came to our podcast for Strip Search coverage, we appreciate your listenership! Hopefully you stick around to hear us talk about other things. Things that you like. Please share the show if you’ve enjoyed it, and get involved in that there comment-section!


  1. I was definitely rooting for Katie the entire time (though I did love everyone there), so I can’t say I was disappointed with the winner. Although Abby easily wormed her way into my affections, like an adorably hilarious heartworm.

    Personally, I would LOVE to participate in Strip Search, should a second season occur… but I can’t actually draw worth a mess. I’m the Jerry. I’m a writer. If there were a way to incorporate webcomic TEAMS, I think that would be fantastic. Perhaps unreasonable, but…

    Sadly, while I’m a Jerry, I have no Mike to make things happen. Sigh.

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