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That Thing You Like - Podcasts

That Thing You Like is a podcast. This is pretty much an undeniable fact. Go ahead, just try to deny it. Deny it three times, biblical style, even! It can’t be done. However, did you know that, as a podcast, we have thoughts about other podcasts? It’s true! On episode 11, we turn our attention to the podcasts that have brought us the most joy over the years, dating all the way back to the year 2000-aught-five.

Chris and myself (Brian) are both massive podcast consumers, so you can trust our recommendations; if you listen to this episode, you will be directed to only the choicest podcastery available in our modern age. We talk about the (sadly defunct) Alpha Rant; the Kris Straub-Scott Kurtz podcast gold that is the Daily Affirmation, Pete Holmes’ You Made it Weird (with Pete Holmes), and many more!

We apparently tend to lean towards podcasts that provide behind-the-scenes looks into specific business and artistic pursuits, but don’t worry – That Thing You Like covers a lot of podcast ground.

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  1. A couple of things, TTYLers:

    Would it be possible to have the WordPress site updated when the episodes are uploaded to iTunes/Libsyn? After listening to this episode I had a podcast that I wanted to recommend, but I couldn’t comment on it right away. I hear that maybe there’s a way to comment on particular episodes in iTunes, but frankly, I have never used the site and don’t really know how it works.

    On that note, I would highly recommend the Shut Up and Sit Down podcast ( From what I recall of this episode, SUSD is right up your alley: two long-time friends talking with each other, passionate about the things they’re talking about (which, in this case, is board games). Plus some British humour thrown in for good measure. Not a lot of episodes of it though, unfortunately.

    Anyways, I love your show and am looking forward to your coverage of the Strip Search finale! Just saw today’s episode and that shit be cray!

    • Thanks for the great podcast recommendation! Will definitely check it out.

      Regarding updating the blog, unfortunately there’s no way to elegantly automate it. Apologies for the delay in release-to-blog time though; We will endeavor to close that gap on future episodes. Thanks for listening, and double thanks for recommending.

      – Brian

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