TTYL #8 – Strip Search Day 7

Strip Search - Day 7, Monica vs Lexxy

That Thing You Like can’t stop, won’t stop, podcasting about Penny Arcade’s Strip Search. Day 7 will long be remembered as a physically intense day of the show, one that ultimately pitted the tiny and hilarious Monica Ray against the talented, recently-kickstarted Lexxy Douglass.

Day 7 will also be remembered as the day Katie J Rice went motherflipping off on some fools, ping pong style.

The elimination matchup between Lexxy and Monica produced two legitimately great pieces, and for the first time, public opinion seems truly split. In our recap, That Thing You Like goes deep into the issues from the last three episodes. Did the ping pong episodes work? How could Khoo really fall that far in a ping pong draft? And is it right that the show might always favour solid joke construction, or is there room in the contest for thought-provoking, emotional work?


And really, just draft Robert Khoo you guys. I mean, seriously.

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Chris Baxter – @cbax
Brian Shirlaw – @brian_rs

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