TTYL #7 – Nightmare in Silver (Doctor Who)

Neil Gaiman's "Nightmare in Silver" - Podcast Review

In 2012, NEIL GAIMAN delivered an all-time classic episode of Doctor Who, “The Doctor’s Wife”. The That Thing You Like podcast crew loved it to pieces. It was funny, charming, scary, and even a little tear-inducing – a legitimately tremendous episode of television. We were as excited as kids on Christmas for his second effort, “Nightmare in Silver”.

We did not love it to pieces.

In the latest That Thing You Like, we go into deep spoilers on an episode that really isn’t even worth spoiling. We talk about the few truly enjoyable Gaiman-esque moments, the problematic and ultimately purposeless children, and why 3,000,000 monsters are not better than one monster.

Thoughts are fairly divided on the new Gaiman episode, but Chris and I (Brian) aren’t afraid to pass judgment: It just wasn’t that good. More than that, it utilized some of Doctor Who’s worst tropes. Sigh. Neil, we still love you. Love you hardcore.

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