TTYL #6 – Iron Man 3

iron-man-3-tony-stark-robert-downey-jrIt’s an IRON MAN 3 podcast! That Thing You Like‘s first movie review is flying across the sky like a streak of red and gold, and gently landing in the welcoming arms of your preferred podcast downloading tool.

As you might have seen from it’s 78% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s proving to be a slightly divisive film. But don’t worry – only That Thing You Like has the DEFINITIVE report on whether or not it’s actually any good. Spoilers: It is only kind of good. Even though Shane Black and RDJ are a perfect writer/actor tag-team and the movie has wit and quips to spare, it has some real problems.

We cast caution to the wind and answer the hard-hitting questions: How charming is Robert Downey Jr.? Is it better than Iron Man 2? How inconsequential are Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow to the film’s plot? And how stupid is everything that’s not Robert Downey Jr.?

Spoilers again: Pretty stupid. But we watched the movie good, and have prepared our thoughts for you at the links below. Agree with us? Disagree with us? Feeling largely indifferent? Get down to the comments and express yo’ self.

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