TTYL #5 – Strip Search (Day Six)

Strip Search - Abby Howard and Erika MoenThat Thing You Like is ALL ABOUT Penny Arcade’s Strip Search! #StripSearch, you guys. Day #6 saw a showdown between the tangential-one, Abby Howard, and the webcomics badass / normative-definition-of-virginity-defier, Erika Moen.

And it was a doozy. A barnburner. A brouhaha, even.

Abby and Erika are both uniquely awesome, and their trial-by-art made for the hands-down best episode of Strip Search to date. But day six brought us a metric tonne of things to discuss: Why does the internet hate go-karting? Why is seeing people deal with the business-side of art so compelling? Is Tavis a bad person now? We answer all these questions, plus pitch the KHOO & SUNTER POWER HOUR.

And also Kris Straub. We heart you, Kris Straub.

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Chris – @cbax
Brian – @brian_rs


  1. Great show. I am enjoying your conversations about one of my favorite web series (and Doctor Who). Sorry you’re not a fan of Lexxy, but am glad to share the love of Erika and Abby (Team Tangent). Looking forward to your thoughts on Iron Man 3

    • Thanks for listening, Scott! Glad you like the show. Not to argue, but we are far from anti-Lexxy. We were just talking about how – even though it’s not necessarily right to think this way – her earlier elimination has weirdly made her feel apart from the rest of the artists. She’s a huge talent though.

      #TeamTangent #TeamEverybody

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