TTYL #3 – Strip Search (Day Five)

Amy and Maki

That Thing You Like‘s coverage of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search continues! Elimination #5 pitted the refreshingly candid Amy T. Falcone against the pineappled-visage of Maki Naro. Also, I’ve come to think of Maki as a one-word, Prince type figure, so I had to look up his name to write this intro paragraph.

I digress.

It was an excellent elimination episode featuring two favourites, and Chris and myself (Brian) discuss all the news that’s fit to podcast. How can Katie be so awesome with clay? Is it actually clay or plasticine? What made the booth display challenge so compelling? And, of course, what went down in the elimination thunder-dome?

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Chris – @cbax
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  1. I enjoyed the podcast, mostly because I’ve been in StripSearch mode since it began. When the show started up, I was kicking myself for not applying to it, so I’ve been playing the home game and doing the elimination challenges when each on airs. They’re very stressful but I think I’m learning quite a lot from them. I also think I might have won the challenge with one or two of them, but you never know what Mike and Jerry will hone in on and be critical of. (They’re posted here if you’re interested:

    The non-elimination challenges so far though… they’re definitely showing me that I’m not nearly as well rounded of an artist as most of the other competitors, but again, I’m learning a lot by watching them, and formulating strategies for Season 2. 🙂

    Personally I don’t have a power ranking, but I know Amy from the Twitters, and had a few conversations with her before the show was ever announced. Since the show started up, I’ve been rooting for her, Erika, Katie and Lexxy. As far as who I think will win it? We haven’t seen Erika in the challenge yet so she’s really an X factor. I know Tavis took down Lexxy once, but honestly I didn’t think his comic was on topic, so in a rematch, I’d put my money on her.

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