TTYL #1 – Strip Search (Elimination #4 Recap)


Podcasts. What are they? How do they help us understand the human condition? Since FDR first coined the term in 1936 while speaking to a nation of poor, jobless people, podcasts have captured the imagination of pretty much the whole dang world.

That Thing You Like is a new podcast featuring myself (Brian Shirlaw) and Chris Baxter; two men whose combination of free time and communication degrees make them uniquely qualified to think about things and then talk about them. Catch That Thing You Like fever.

In the first episode, we discuss the hit Penny Arcade webseries, Strip Search.

What makes watching a bunch of introverts trapped in a house so compelling? Who are our favourites so far? Who tops our official TTYL Strip Search Power Rankings after four eliminations? Fair warning: We spoil the crap out of everything up to “Elimination #4”.

Listen here.

You can subscribe to That Thing You Like by doing it OLD SCHOOL 2005 RSS STYLE:

1) Copy this link (
2) Open iTunes. Under ‘File’, choose ‘Subscribe to Podcast’. Paste the link and PREPARE TO ENJOY.

– Brian


  1. Came in via Abby’s interview podcast and love it! Power listening all the way through now. So great to hear another interesting podcast that deals with a lot of, well, the things I like, art and other fun stuff I didn’t know about before. You got another fan!

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